Seed Order Form - Instructions:

NOTE: This order form is for Ds insertions, identified as B.SXX.XXXX or I.SXX.XXXX. If you want to order Ac stocks (e.g. Ac.mon0307), they are available from the Maize Genetics Stock Center .

1) Please fill out the online form completely:

  • Name, Address, Contact Information, Project Leader
  • Purchase Order Number: To order seed stocks, you must obtain a Purchase Order before we can ship seed. Click Academic or Industry as appropriate. The fee helps to subsidize the cost of propagating materials for distribution and genotyping.
  • Quantity - number of seed packets (10 seed per packet)
  • Barcode - This refers to the unique identifier for each W22 line, as listed on Browse Insertions page or at GenBank. It should begin with B.S, I.S, B.W, or I.W (e.g. I.W06.1026R). Type or paste a barcode ID; the form will autosuggest valid barcodes. Click the correct one to fill the field.
  • Segregates Ac - Check this box if you want seed that still contains active Ac element, to allow further mutagenesis.
  • Chr, Chr fDs Coord, Placement (autofilled) - The Placement chromosome, coordinate, and type (Single or Dual) is displayed for each barcode. Please check to make sure this information matches what you are expecting.
  • Price (autofilled) - Calculates price from the order quantity and your institution type.
  • Shipment options - If shipment is to Europe, please check for phytosanitary certification.
  • Expedited shipping - Please note that if you request this option, additional charges will apply. There is no extra charge for normal shipping.
  • Grand Total - This is your order total, minus any expedited shipping charges.

2) When finished, click Preview Order to view final form. If all information is correct, click Submit. To modify/correct the form, use the back browser button.

3) Email confirmation will be sent to both shipping and billing emails. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipment.

4) Our address, should you need to correspond by mail, is:

Boyce Thompson Institute
ATTN: Accounts Receivable
533 Tower Road
Ithaca, NY 14853
Fax: 607-254-1242

If you have any questions about the order process, please contact Kevin Ahern at BTI using the contact information provided on the order form.

Happy hunting,
- Tom and Erik