I.S07.1653 (Ds Insertion line)

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Predicted Ds insertion site / closest B73 gene for I.S07.1653

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Alt Loc Predicted Ds insertion site Closest Maize gene Ds distance from Gene All Ds near gene Flanking sequence (fDs) Quality Score Seq Pos
1↧ 2:8285554GRMZM2G001289_T010kb from 5' endgi|198400566MQ13a
2↧ 2:8286470GRMZM2G001289_T010kb from 5' endgi|198400567MQ33d

This seedstock is available from the Maize Genetics Coop as AcDs-00111

To request seed of I.S07.1653 (AcDs-00111), you can add it to a Maize Coop Stock Center order -- this action takes you to the maizegdb.org website. Then complete the order on maizegdb, or use the "back" button to return to PlantGDB and additional searches. Please note that genomic location reported here is subject to error, so we advise you do careful research before placing your order.